About 100 Movements

In the midst of the rapid change and hyper-growth of almost everything around us, we as the Church have lost our voice to impact the culture. Now more than ever, what is “new and improved” becomes “old and worn out” in just a fraction of the time. This dramatically impacts the mission of the church. As leaders responsible for our generation, we simply cannot expect significantly different outcomes using outmoded understandings of the church and culture. If churches are not prepared for what is here today, how will they respond to what lies ahead?

The good news is that we can become the church as it was always meant to me – a rapidly spreading, high impact, movement. We need not settle merely for striving in this rapidly changing world; Jesus’ people can actually thrive in it, and God willing, even redirect it. But if we are to do so, we will have to change. Jesus has given us everything we need to get the job done. Our greatest opportunity is to recover the forgotten ways of church-as-missional-movement. Our response to this challenge is a new non-profit organization – 100 Movements (100M)

100M will identify, train, empower and champion one hundred ready churches and ministry organizations in North America over the next decade. Our mission is to reanimate church movement by deeply embedding six movemental capacities into local ministry culture. The churches will be, as Alan Hirsch likes to say, “the ninja churches.”


It’s our belief that just two churches, Willow Creek and Saddleback, pioneered and validated a seeker-sensitive approach to ministry, helping thousands of churches through a conferencing platform. So too, 100M will pioneer and validate a ministry approach based on movement. But our platform will not be broadcast-based conferencing, but a dynamic consultative training and coaching process. Therefore we must focus on one hundred movementally capable churches over a long course. It is our sole purpose to ensure the success of our champion churches. We believe that these churches will overcome the present and future challenges, providing exemplary models, develop new tools and thinking, and actively demonstrate high impact multiplication movements.

So where do we go from here?

100M begins with Leap Year, a standalone one-year movement accelerator designed to launch your church and its leadership into the basic posture of movement. Leap Year will serve as the onramp for many of the churches who will join us long-term. Beginning in summer of 2016 and lasting around 12 months, we will offer live gatherings, consultative training, break-thru tools and coaching around outcome-based milestones.